Carly Hylen fly fishes on a kayak with her dog

Blogs and Social Media

Client: Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium

Assignment: Wolf Puppy Blog, "The Puppy Press"

Client: Chota Outdoor Gear

Assignment: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Bi-Weekly Blogs

Client: Clearview Horse Farm

Assignment: Monthly Newsletter, The Clearview Chronicle

Client: ReelSonar, Inc.

Assignment: Bi-Weekly Blog

Client: TimberLuxe Wood Finishing Products

Assignment: Facebook Services


Client: KMT Creative Group

Assignment: Phone interviews and testimonials for United Way Online Community Report

Client: TimberLuxe Wood Finishing Products

Assignment: Half-page TimberLuxe Ad

Client: Clark Communications

Assignment: Toccoa Falls College Search Piece and Microsite

Assignment: Limestone MBA Postcards, Brochure, and Fact Sheet

Assignment: Website Copy, Quick Facts Sheet, and Signature Marketing Brochure

Editing Services

Client: Jim Carmichel, outdoor writer and retired Shooting Editor of Outdoor Life Magazine

Assignment: Transcription, proofreading, and minor edits of 26 typewriter manuscripts for Classic Carmichel: Stories from the Field

Client: Michael Altizer, Senior Editor of Sporting Classics Magazine

Assignment: Proofreading and editing for two hunting and fishing books: The Last Best Day: A Trout Fisher's Perspective and Nineteen Years to Sunrise

Education Writing

Client: Wisewire Education Marketplace

Assignment: Lesson writing for online college biology courses - Environmental Science, Plant Science, Human Ecology, and Foundations of Scientific Inquiry

Assignment: Lesson writing for online AP biology courses

*Note: Samples not available due to non-disclosure agreements with Wisewire. 

Grant Writing

Client: Cummins Falls State Park

Assignment: Recreational Trails Project grant for ADA-accessible trail overlook

Johnsonville State Historic Park

Assignment: Access to Health Grant for Historically Thematic Play Area (Funded for $80,000!)

Assignment: Tennessee Wars Commission Grant (Funded for $10,000!)

Client: Montgomery Bell State Park

Assignment: Recreational Trails Project grant for ADA-Accessible Trail

Client: Tims Ford State Park

Assignment: Recreational Trails Project Grant for Blueway and Trail Renovations (Funded for $42,000!)

Assignment: Grant Administration for Recreational Trails Program Grant

Client: Bledsoe Creek State Park

Assignment: KEEN Effects Grant

Assignment: Coca-Cola Foundations Grant

Outdoor Writing

Client: Sporting Classics Magazine

Assignment: "Ronald McDonald Goes to Sea," Nov/Dec 2013 issue

Assignment: Craftsman Column, Jan/Feb 2014 issue

Assignment: Wild Heritage column about great white sharks, Nov/Dec 2014 issue

Assignment: "Lady in Reds," Feature Story, Jan/Feb 2015

Assignment: "Kayaks in the High Country," Feature Story

Client: Sporting Classics Daily Online Newsletter

Assignment: "Is It Time to Upgrade Your Fishing Gear?" and "Essential Items for Backcountry Fly Fishing"

Client: Hobie Cat Company

Assignment: "A Hobie for a Honeymoon" and "How to Train Your Pedal Pooch" Part 1 and Part 2

Writing Samples

Craftsman Column, Sporting Classics (pdf)


Ronald McDonald, Sporting Classics (pdf)


TimberLuxe Ad (jpg)


Tims Ford RTP Grant Excerpt (pdf)


Wild Heritage, Sporting Classics (pdf)


Lady In Reds, Sporting Classics (pdf)


Kayaks in the High Country, Sporting Classics (pdf)


Clark Communications Brochure (pdf)


Clark Communications Quick Facts (pdf)


Clark Communications Marketing (pdf)


Limestone MBA Brochure (pdf)


Limestone MBAQuickFacts (pdf)


Toccoa Falls College Microsite (pdf)


Toccoa Falls College Search Piece (pdf)